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As you know, expecting moms and dads have a lot to worry about and to prepare for. You may also know that the mother’s body will change to get ready for their new arrival. However, did you know that their mouth and oral health will also be changing during their pregnancy?

For instance, pregnant women should expect an increase in progesterone levels. This could cause the blood vessels in their mouth and gums to become swollen and inflamed. Unfortunately, this means that pregnant women are much more vulnerable to gum disease and can get much more serious gum disease than those who are not pregnant. Sadly, gum disease can also cause more severe issues for a pregnant woman.

As you may know, gum disease can affect your entire body. If you are pregnant and have gum disease, the infection from your gums can get into your bloodstream. This can be quite dangerous for you and your baby. In fact, studies have shown that gum disease is linked to preterm labor and high blood pressure, which can cause preeclampsia.

While periodontal disease can be treated, preventing it is the better option–especially if you are pregnant. You can usually avoid this disease simply by brushing and flossing your teeth every day. Remembering to visit our dentist regularly for cleanings and checkups is also important to your dental health. If you do have gum disease, our dental staff will be able to remove the tartar that is causing inflammation and help you address gum disease.

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