Extractions Don't Have to Be a Pain

Extractions are necessary for many reasons. By following some simple tips, you can avoid many post-op complications and lessen your healing time to get back to normal as quickly as possible.

If a tooth is cracked below the gum, has a root fracture, or is periodontally involved and can’t be saved, an extraction might be recommended to preserve nearby teeth or to prep the area for an implant or dentures. Sometimes a tooth or teeth need to be extracted before orthodontic treatment to make room for other teeth to shift into a better alignment.

Regardless of the reason, having a tooth removed doesn’t have to be a pain if you follow the post-op instructions provided by your dentist.

Here are some overall tips for making the recovery period following an extraction as pain-free and straightforward as possible.


Today’s technology combined with your dentist’s expert training makes modern dental procedures safer and often reduces the length of healing time when compared with just a few decades ago. Following your dentist’s post-op instructions and keeping all follow-up appointments can make sure the pain ends with your extraction.

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